Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mecha Techa Robotica

Im finding that although I can draw tech stuff, I REALLY cant 'think' about it properly. I fudge my designs and working too much in the drawing. Just skip drawings and so on. Hopefully gonna do more stuff like that, so I can do lots of working objects and have a large variety of them. Its like my options for doing joints consists of like 3 types or something...

Also heres some mechy inspiration for you guys. Probably the best trailer/CG/designs for stuff Ive seen ages. I fucking love this video.Will probably be ripping it off soon, my work is gonna be including LOTS of vulcan cannons and gattling guns.

(for those with a keen eye, you may notice that I copied and pasted this little intro from my sketchbook. Im being lazy, deal with it. Its still me writing it, I'm just saving time...)

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