Friday, 26 August 2011

Some little stuff I managed to squeeze out.... well actually I squeezed out my real work so I could do this. But I feel like I learned a chunk. I'm feeling that a strong composition goes hand in hand with lighting, and many of pieces dont have strong lighting so I need to work on that. This is doing just that!
Some of these are OK, some suck. I might work up the good ones. Or look at why they work and try doing some more that are good. I got the feeling I didn't spend enough time thinking about the lighting. I just starting doing it and then the mistakes come rolling in. I feel like I really should not got rushing into stuff, everything I do I seem to tell myself that I need to spend longer 'thinking' before 'doing'.... but I still rush in :S
My freelance work is fun, so its a shame there's not much to go. Hopefully as I get used to it Ill dedicate some more time to personal stuff. I REALLY want to work on my portfolio and start applying for proper studio work.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Something for the portfolio. I had lofty goals for really working on my portfolio once I left Uni, but its not advancing too fast. I think it will get better when I move home though and have less distraction. I really need to find my motivation though. I love doing drawing and painting, but when you've done it SO much, it can seem not quite as exciting. I'm only getting better in small increments normally, so it was nice to paint something I was happy with. Hopefully it will keep me working a bit more from here on in. (I also should stop writing out promises to myself in stuff like this, I break them far too much).

Friday, 19 August 2011


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Well, Im being suitably lazy these days with personal work so here's a few bits and pieces for yeh. Got a painting I did tonight, just mucking about. Tried adding lines but it sucked so I'm gonna repaint it all - paint, paint paint style. Then a load of knick knacks from recently. Hopefully not all of it will burn your eyes.

Id say 'enjoy', but I'm serving only a meager offering. Hopefully better stuff will come soon.