Friday, 26 August 2011

Some little stuff I managed to squeeze out.... well actually I squeezed out my real work so I could do this. But I feel like I learned a chunk. I'm feeling that a strong composition goes hand in hand with lighting, and many of pieces dont have strong lighting so I need to work on that. This is doing just that!
Some of these are OK, some suck. I might work up the good ones. Or look at why they work and try doing some more that are good. I got the feeling I didn't spend enough time thinking about the lighting. I just starting doing it and then the mistakes come rolling in. I feel like I really should not got rushing into stuff, everything I do I seem to tell myself that I need to spend longer 'thinking' before 'doing'.... but I still rush in :S
My freelance work is fun, so its a shame there's not much to go. Hopefully as I get used to it Ill dedicate some more time to personal stuff. I REALLY want to work on my portfolio and start applying for proper studio work.

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