Saturday, 22 October 2011

Serious Times for a Serious Looking Robot

Still needs a lot more work, but I'm already losing so much of the 'freshness' I had going on in those colours through all the photos I was mashing up for the main guy. Can I solve this untimely paradox?

Tune in Coming Soon.

Chocolate Robots and Candy Cane Fanboys

Channeling all my mechy feelings from places. Gabo, MGS4, Evangelion, Calader.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bare Naked Multi-Limbed Ladies

So.... as for keeping you updated. Well about that.
I've been working consistently, pretty much everyday. Just when I'm done with any of my actual work, I kinda bum about.

But that's changing, last night instead of being lazy, I was just like 'fuck it' and I wanted to really break out of something. Get loose and dirty, and it feels good. I used to do way more of this stuff - the famed 'Wes Burt Extra Limbs' - I mean I was one of the first cool people, copying the real cool people (ie. Wes and Marko). Now everyone's copying the cool kids who copied the original cool kids! (not me though, I'm neither cool nor original). Its good though, I could look at people drawing this shit, all, day (PROPS TO WALNUT YO!).
Anyways, it feels good. I need to find me a life drawing class so I can do this for realsies. Also I have some commission stuff I should be able to show. I've been working on Steampunk vehicles, awesome!

Some with ref. Some without, chef.

Peace out. (/end copypasta, I'm so lazy)