Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mirkys Mountains

I still don't know what I'm doing. All of my art seems to be me fumbling around in the darkness. In both technique and the thinking (design) behind it. I need to find something I can focus on. I still need to make that decision and statement that says "this is how you want to paint, and this is what you want to paint". Probably should be working more too. Silly old Phandy.


  1. Here is your decision and statement: paint WANGS, with your WANG. You'll be famous in no time.

    The hard edges are coming through way more in this than any other (some salaryman influence?). Would you ever try limiting yourself to two or three solid tones on separate layers, lock the transparency and then fuck around with it after? Might help make artwork fundamentally clear. I might have to try that sometime...

    Anyway! Looks good! Maybe lighten the sky at the top, particularly on the right to make the mountain more distinct! Send me some more stuff!

  2. Just me changing my style and approach as usual. I had some reference for the mountains and just thought it need the hard brush approach to create the shapes.

    Thats also what I kind of did which this. I had the background then 2 tones of the cliffs on separate layers for a while, works OK but then you need to start detailing out so you lose it. Great for starting the picture off.

    Will change some stuff for portfolio. Thanks Bru.