Saturday, 7 April 2012


Wooooooooooo, spend a chunk of my saturday today working on this. Spent a shit load of time modelling in 3dsmax to realise; I suck, and its hard. Only to spit something out more detailed in sketchup in like 1/10th of the time. Rendering in 3ds max is super sexy though.
Hopefully I'll find some time to finish this up. I don't see myself rendering this up completely, because it would be insane. Maybe? But I might leave it as a line/technical kind of drawing. Its such an in efficient process to draw it all completely detailed and then paint over it all.


  1. SO SEXY

    I'm really curious to see the ship without the draw-over. I generally suck so far at sketchup, so it's cool to see how you've been using it! And yeah, if you just did lineart for the stuff in the foreground and background, this would definitely look good enough without the need to paint over it.

  2. I'll post something once in the next step maybe marcel. Its deceptively simple, I mean really simple. It mostly good just so I can get some really nice perspective that is legit - and then once I have the basic on where the lines go I can work from there. Having a good handle on perspective in the first place helps a lot though I guess.