Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Finding 'it'

Another quickie, about an hour.
Not really thinking, but there in lies the problem. I get caught up in the process of painting and discovering 'something' in it, that what comes out is kind of boring. Some nice things come about, but a lot of the time I feel my work always misses that something unique that should be special about every design or painting. I feel like I need to be able to find something special, even when working from nothing, every time. Otherwise my work has no purpose other than being just another practice piece on technique. I'm making this differentiation as wanting to be a concept artist. The purpose of my painting should be the idea itself really.

So.. yeah...;

Against the Grain

Another quick speed painting. About an hour I guess, but I did spend a good 20 minutes messing with his overall shape, but ended up making something boring anyways :/ Just trying to experiment a bit with getting stuff down, and refining it into something. Using more hard edge brushes and getting colour in quickly.

Monday, 21 May 2012


In case you hadn't heard I got a job and If all goes to plan I will be working at Splash Damage in like 3-4 weeks. So in the mean time I have to bust my balls, so I'm going to be trying to put out some sort of speed painting or study out every day. I feel like I need to work on being able to tackle anything, and do it more quickly.

This was just under an hours work.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rail Funs


Got some more guns I worked up. Did some reading into railguns and came up with my own little ideas. Built them around the current bases of weapons to give them a realistic feel/size. The rifle is built around a AWP sniper and the other just around a normal small pistol. Open sides help reduce the heat problems. Friction is also a problem with them, so theoretically, I thought if you had rotating magnets you could essentially have the projectile hover in the middle, thus the rails dont wear out. Its a bit of a wishy washy idea though.

It would make for an interesting weapon though, game-wise. You have to spin up the magnets and then the ideas of reloading both battery and ammo. Railguns are interesting too because you don't need gunpowder when firing so you can have way more bullets in a magazine. Or potentially have larger calibre rounds in smaller guns. It would depend on how strong a force the magnets could produce though. From current science I dont think it works at all on a small weapon size. They've only been able to experiment with really big calibre stuff. Also painted up that flying fortress thing.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Working on another Steampunk commision. This is built on a 3d model base. The 'specifications' were decided for me, so 2 sets of tri-plane wings and the amount of guns and so on. The first one was my first attempt, but I needed another pass on it to make it feel a bit more unique, chunky and steampunk. Still have some changes to make, but I'll be painting soon.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Turned down

Well this one is a dooz. Something about this, bugs me. REALLY badly, I just have a really bad feeling towards it. And I have no idea why. I wish I could go back in time and redo it, so wouldn't have wasted so much time. I just feel like something was bad from the beginning, I just didn't have any thought of what it was going to be, and it shows.
Just gonna jump into another piece as soon as I can I guess, do something better. I never thought I would have to, but I feel like I need to work on my speed. A lot of this stuff is taking me too long, need to jump back into some speed painting.