Sunday, 13 May 2012


Working on another Steampunk commision. This is built on a 3d model base. The 'specifications' were decided for me, so 2 sets of tri-plane wings and the amount of guns and so on. The first one was my first attempt, but I needed another pass on it to make it feel a bit more unique, chunky and steampunk. Still have some changes to make, but I'll be painting soon.


  1. Looking great so far :)! I'm not sure I like the main bridge glass, somehow makes it look too much like a chunky toy than a huge aircraft. If you consider this being the eyes/face of the plane, that it's just too big making it almost look cute. Look for example whales the eyes are tiny compared to the bulk of their body, adding a lot tho the feeling of gigantic scale. Think about it. Also the engines could have a bit more interesting shape at this scale.

    1. Haha, you've actually picked up the two main things I though about changing! And you've validated my decision to change them, awesome. I wasn't sure about the engines either, but now I definitely will be changing them. They are actually the incorrect engines too, they're supposed to be push-prop engines with the propellor on the back, but they look like jet engines atm, so they need to look different.
      I totally agree with the windows, functionally they also seem a bit funnny too; having big wide glass windows on the front of a combat plane.
      Thanks man, appreciate your thoughts as always.