Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Waste of Resources

I really should be posting more. I'm busy working on my own little unity project though, it doesn't involve much painting though :/ I could post some, but I need a scanner. Infact I might do that tomorrow.

A 'reimagining' of an old neuromancer piece and the only piece that's been released from work. Its from Extraction, our new PC-F2P-FPS that will be out... sometime (probably 2014 for open beta)! I should mention the second picture is a paintover, so the underlying geometry was in place, but we really need to push some more things by adding some more details.

Also Batman: Arkham Origins got released, we did the multiplayer for it and I designed a tonne of stuff for it. Was a great project to work on and hopefully we'll get a bunch of stuff A-OKed to release and I'll post some with some details (only the small amount of stuff I think doesn't suck though, I was VERY green when I started.)