Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Part 1

It's done, first project got done and now its out! Cool! I got to work on the Multiplayer for Batman Arkham Origins. It was a great first project, I learned so much , and my concept-bros on the team for Batman, Manuel and Georgi did some sick work too. I'm sure they'll be posting soon. Shout-outs to Myles Lambert, Angelo Del Pra, Mark McCleod, and Josh Grafton for turning this into the real-3Deal, and Tim Appleby for art directing it all.

For Part 1 you get to see 2 maps, BlackGate Prison and WonderCity Robot Factory, so lots of environments for those with a side of props. Then I also worked on 2 other maps and a bunch of the guns and items, but you'll see them next post. Not all of these will go on CGHub, so maybe enjoy some of this pre-order-only blog-specific DLC, by being at the source!


Wondercity Robot Factory
My favourite map on the project, and it really felt quite like 'my' map. I worked solo for a lot of it, with good direction from Tim and Georgi, and then the guys did an amazing job building it, it was very faithful to the concepts.

BlackGate Prison
My first map on the project, so its all to bad to posting much! Maybe one day I'll get the courage to post all the awful work I did at the beginning....

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