Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Part 2

Preface that I wrote from my last post;

"It's done, first project got done and now its out! Cool! I got to work on the Multiplayer for Batman Arkham Origins. It was a great first project, I learned so much , and my concept-bros on the team for Batman, Manuel and Georgi did some sick work too. I'm sure they'll be posting soon. Shout-outs to Myles Lambert, Angelo Del Pra, Mark McCleod, and Josh Grafton for turning this into the real-3Deal, and Tim Appleby for art directing it all."

So heres the second post!
Got some stuff from 2 more maps; Jokers Funhouse, and the cancelled Rooftops map (shame beacause it was looking pretty good). Also a few item/weapon props, I enjoyed these a lot. I did more of the normal weapons, but they were my early work with weapons and the presentation/paintings suck. The designs weren't too bad though, I liked the monster Joker pistol and the light assault rifle I did.

Joker's second Pistol, and two Bane gang Items. The Sonic Pulse and the Tactical Dart.
These are some of favorite concepts. Especially Jokers pistol because it fucking rocks in game. Fully auto explosive rounds, it wrecks fools. So awesome.

The Rooftops map
Really liked some of what we had with this. Really wanted to push a strong art deco vision of Gotham onto it. Could of been cool.

A Mixture of props from several maps, and some signage for Jokers Funhouse

Concepts for Jokers Funhouse.
This was where I really started to figure out using 3D is INSANELY useful. Is a small crutch, but a MASSIVE time saver, and you can get some really good stuff out of. People able to pass 3D onto other people is also very helpful. I Went 3D, and I'm never going back.

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